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Google Introduced its New Logo

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Google New Logo Design
Google New Logo Launched

The search giant Google has redesigned its logo on Tuesday. The official logo has been changed many times before to give a fresh look.The company announced Tuesday it would be changing its iconic logo to one that "that reflects this reality and shows you when the Google magic is working for you, even on the tiniest screens," according to a statement. The company said the redesign was meant to reflect the way that people interact with google products across many different platforms, apps and devices.

Google Logo Before and After
Google Logo Before and After

Evolution of Google official logo since 1997-2015

Nepal Footprint Holiday a Eco Friendly Trekking and Cycling Adventure Tour Agency in Nepal

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Nepal Footprint Holiday Trekking Agency
Nepal Footprint Holiday Treks

Trekking in Nepal with Nepal Footprint Holiday Treks
Photo: Nepal Footprint Holiday Treks
Nepal Footprint Holiday, run by a team of travel entrepreneurs with the 14 years of trekking guiding experience in alpine Himalayas is the one of the top trekking and biking adventure tour agency in Nepal. Nepal Footprint Holiday has specialized in operating the adventure holidays treks in the Himalayas of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan along with the pilgrimage tours in Mount Kailash and Mansarovar. Operating with innovating adventure holiday products in the popular travel destinations of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, company has a professional team of holiday planners experts always catering the best services to the travelers and trekkers according to their vacation need.

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 The locally owned travel, tour and trekking company works under the rules and regulations of the Nepali Governments Tourism Section and the company is a lifetime member of Trekking Agency Association of Nepal (TAAN) and Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) with full confident to cater its services. The company is responsible contributing back to community with the Eco-friendly products and helping the children who are deprived of their fundamental rights through a national social organization called Save Our Children Center Nepal (SCCN).

Hotel Thamel Lily - Budget Hotel in Thamel Kathmandu

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Traveling to Nepal? or looking for budget and cheap hotels in the central Thamel, Kathmandu, Hotel Thamel Lily conveniently located at the prime touristic location is the best place to stay. Offering with a variety of quality services and facilities, the hotel provides the 24 hour front desk with information of travel and trekking services, free WiFi internet access, high standard of amenities with balcony view and hot/cold shower, television, daily newspaper. The rooms are available with the great discount rates when you book online;

Hotel Thamel Lily Budget Hotel in Kathmandu
Hotel Thamel Lily Budget Hotel in Kathmandu

Set in the prime location of Kathmandu, Hotel Lily puts everything the city has to offer just outside your doorstep and you can reach the local points of your interest easily within few minutes. The hotel has 18 beautiful guest rooms comfortable and convenient accommodations to stay a night. You feel like at your home with the hotel amenities and hospitality provided by professional staff who caters all your needs.

Kathmandu Budget Hotels Booking with discount
Hotel Thamel Lily Rooms

The Hotel has its own restaurant La' Thames Brasserie and serves Indian, Chinese and Continental delights with the room service.

How to become a professional content writer

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Nowadays, the online job opportunities about the professional content writing in reputed organizations, companies and other offices are increasing hugely day by day. Here I am trying to point out the some tips which will help you to become a professional content writing.If you are interested in content writing then you have to practice and you need to learn online marketing and some tips about the search engine optimization to achieve this goal of becoming a successful content writer.

To become professional a content writer, one needs to understand various search engine techniques, basics of search algorithms and other website promotion techniques. Obviously, having good English writing skills is a basic requirement to become a content writer. If you are not familiar with search engine optimization, I recommend you attend some training in SEO and Internet Marketing, which will help you jump start with content writing jobs.

Importance of internet marketing in Blog

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The Internet is a tool enabling businesses to reach literally millions of new customers each month. The Internet is redefining the relationship between businesses and consumers, a small to large sized company now can reach all over the globe to share information about it's products and services.

Affiliate marketing on the Internet works by driving traffic to affiliates' or partners' websites through links and advertising. The affiliate marketer receives rewards for helping to bring visitors to the website. The typical reward is a certain amount of income that varies depending on the company. Just as traditional marketers work to gain the interest of their target market, web marketing works to attract target customers to marketer's websites. These sites may be company websites, web magazines or e-tail catalog sites. Publishing-based web marketing contains informational material with advertising much like print magazines. Corporate or business websites generate sales leads to add value to their marketing goals. E-tail or e-commerce websites market products or services directly to customers. Internet or web marketing activities should support the business model of a company. For example, blogs and articles are ideal on corporate or business websites if they give expert advice that shows authority on a subject. To be specific, a potential client of an attorney may read a blog or article on the firm’s website, appreciate the advice and then contact the attorney.

Why Your Website Needs a Free Chat Widget?

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Chat widget has become an indispensable tool for online marketing nowadays. Why do we need to learn about the benefits of adding a web chat? Will this enhance your website’s efficiency and marketability?

Website owners do not need to rely only on patience to get good customers. It is no longer a sought after virtue in consumers of today. They want information fast, whenever they ask for it. This edginess has resulted to a lot of consumer shifts, forcing website developers to keep looking into ways to increase website efficiency. They want to reduce waiting and loading time as much as possible. A live web chat service is one of the effective additions that can make your website efficient.

13 steps why a blog is needed for your business

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A blog can increase your sales and profit. In this blog i am trying to discuss some points to increase your business sales through blog. The list of points why you need a blog to increase your business sales are:

What is Content Management System (CMS)?

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A content management system (CMS) is a collection of procedures used to manage work flow in a collaborative environment. These procedures can be manual or computer-based. The procedures are designed to:
  • Allow for a large number of people to contribute to and share stored data
  • Control access to data, based on user roles. User roles define what information each user can view or edit
  • Aid in easy storage and retrieval of data
  • Reduce repetitive duplicate input
  • Improve the ease of report writing
  • Improve communication between users

How To Check A Site's Rank?

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When we build backlinks, submit guest posts, or simply advertise on a site, we want popular sites because these are the ones that are working. While no ranking algorithm is perfect and we can never be sure that the sites we have picked are good ones (or that they will remain so in the future), here are some ranking services to help you decide if a particular site is a high ranking one or not.

1. Page Rank (PR):

The Page Rank service from Google is the most popular way to measure the quality and popularity of a site but it alone isn't enough to give us the correct idea if a site is good or not. There are too many sites with inflated PR, so we can't trust PR alone.
The principle of PR is that sites are divided into 11 categories with ranks from 0 to 10, respectively (plus the N/A category of sites that are not included in the ranking as well). The concept is that the higher the PR, the better the site. Sites that have a PR of 10 are very rare. Sites with PR of 7-9 are more common but still they are a minority because this page rank denotes a very high quality site. If a site has a PR of 5 or 6, this means this site is viewed by Google as a quality site. PR of 3 and 4 are for sites that are about the average. PR of 0 to 2 are for sites that are below the average and therefore aren't the top back linking candidate.

2. Alexa:

Unlike PR, Alexa doesn't divide sites in groups. Rather, it arranges them in a list. The most popular sites, such as Google, Facebook, or Twitter are at the top. The concept here is that the lower the Alexa ranking, the more popular the site is. Sites with Alexa ranking under 10K are considered exceptionally popular. Sites with Alexa ranking of 10K to 30K enjoy very good popularity. Sites of Alexa ranking up to 100K do get more than decent traffic. It could be speculated that good sites span up to 200-250K and everything above this are sites with low traffic.

It is best if you use Alexa together with PR. While there is some correlation between the two, it is not an exception to find sites with PR6 and Alexa of more than 100K, or with PR3 or 4 and Alexa over a million. Just cross-check a site in two or more ranking services and this will allow you to determine its relevance. One of the perks of Alexa is that it also allows to see which country the majority of a site's traffic comes from.

3. Compete: isn't as through as the first two services because they gather their data from a sample of 2 million US users only but still it helps to get an idea if a site is popular in the US or not. When you analyze Compete data, you will notice that frequently sites with good PR and Alexa are almost unheard of in the States and vice versa.

4. Quantcast:

Quantcast is also a service targeted mainly at the US market. It also gathers data from a sample rather than the general Internet population but in its case the sample is comprised of Web site masters, who insert a code snipped on their sites, thus allowing to track visitors. Quantcast also gather their data from ISPs and ad companies. Needless to say, Quantcast isn't very reliable because there are millions of great sites that don't use its services but still it is one more service to check, if you are wondering if a site is good or not.

5. CustomRank: provides a service that combines several metrics at once to offer a joint ranking. At present, the services it aggregates are MozTrust, MozRank, PageAuthority, DomainAuthority, Alexa, as well as some other metrics, such as load times, date created, and whether it is listed in DMOZ or not. The good thing about CustomRank is that it tries to balance one service with the other to produce a fair rating.

6. MozTrust and MozRank:

MozTrust, MozRank, together with DomainAuthority and PageAuthority are all methodologies developed by SEOmoz, one of the most reputable names in SEO. Therefore, it can be concluded that these two metrics are very useful for SEO purposes. MozTrust measures the global link trust score, while MozRank measures link popularity. The more reputable a site's backlinks are, the higher the MozTrust score. Both MozTrust and MozRank use scales from 1 to 10 and here the rule is the higher, the better.

7. ComScore:

ComScore is another company that uses a sample of 2 million users to provide rankings and therefore isn't as reliable as PR or Alexa. Similarly to Compete and Quantcast, it is more useful when you plan your advertising budget than when you are looking for sites to get backlinks from but still the top sites on the Internet are present in ComScore's lists, so this service can be used as well.

8. Google Trends:

Google Trends is mainly about search volume of keywords but one of its less known uses is to compare how two sites fare over time or in different regions. So, if you have some sites you want to get past data for, so that you can predict their possible future popularity, you can do it with Google Trends (Alexa also offers the trendline for a site over time).

9. Ranking: is one more service to consider if you are dissatisfied with the rest. It's kind of limited because only the top one million websites are included but if the site you are interested in is not on the list, this speaks a lot about its popularity. Ranking collects its data from an IE browser toolbar, which means the data is skewed because no Firefox and Apple users are part of the sample.

The list of ranking services doesn't end here but these are the ones that are more or less the top ones. Use them in conjunction (i.e. 3 or more together) to determine if a site is good for backlinks. Some of these services are available as Firefox extensions, so get the extension and you will know more about a site the moment you open it.

How to Optimize your Website for Mobile Search?

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It is not only web designers and developers, who need to adapt to webcomake changes to their strategies and tactics, if they want to capture the lucrative mobile search market. Mobile search is a constantly growing segment of the market, which is good news. However, mobile search has its own rules and they are kind of different from the rules of traditional desktop search. This is why if you don't want to miss mobile searchers, you need to adapt to their requirements. Here are some very important rules to consider when optimizing for mobile search:

1. Mobile Searchers Use Shorter Keyphrases/Keywords:

Mobile users search for shorter keyphrases, or even just for keywords. Even mobile devices with QWERTY keyboards are awkward for typing long texts and this is the reason why mobile searchers usually are very brief in their search queries. Very often the search query is limited to only 2 or even 1 words. As a result, if you don't rank well for shorter keyphrases (unfortunately, they are also more competitive), then you will be missing a lot of mobile traffic.

2. Mobile Search Is Mainly Local Search:

Mobile users search mostly for local stuff. In addition to shorter search keyphrases, mobile searchers are also locally targeted. It is easy to understand - when a user is standing in the street and is looking for a place to dine, he or she is most likely looking for things in the neighborhood, not in another corner of the world. Searches like “pizza 5th Avenue” are quite popular, which makes local search results even more important to concentrate on.

3. Current Data Rules in Mobile Search:

Sports results, news, weather, financial information are among the most popular mobile search categories. The main topics and niches mobile users prefer are kind of limited but again, they revolve around places to eat or shop in the area, sports results, news, weather conditions, market information, and other similar topics where timing and location are key. If your site is in one of these niches, then you really need to optimize it because if your site is not mobile-friendly chances are you are losing visitors. You could even consider having two separate versions of your site – one for desktop searchers and one for mobile searchers.

4. In Mobile Search, Top 10 Is Actually Top 3:

Users hate to scroll down long search pages or hit Next, Next, Next. Desktop searchers aren't fond of scrolling endless pages either but in mobile search the limitations are even more severe. A page with 10 search results fits on the screen of a desktop but on a mobile device it might be split into 2 or more screens. Therefore, in mobile search, it is not Top 10, it is more Top 4, or even Top 3 because only the first 3 or 4 positions are on the first page and have a higher chance to attract the user's attention without having to go to the next page.

5. Promote Your Mobile-Friendly Site:

Submit your site to major mobile search engines, mobile portals, and directories. It is great if your visitors come from Google and the other major search engines but if you want to get even more traffic, mobile search engines, mobile portals, and directories are even better. For now these mobile resources work great to bring mobile traffic, so don't neglect them. Very often a mobile user doesn't search with Google, but goes to a portal he or she knows. If your site is listed with this portal, the user will come directly to you from there, not from a search engine. The case with directories is similar – i.e. if you are optimizing the site of a pizza restaurant, then you should submit it to all directories where pizza restaurants and restaurants in general for your location are listed.

6. Follow Mobile Standards:

Mobile search standards are kind of different and if you want your site to be spiderable, you need to comply with them. Check the guidelines of W3C to see what mobile standards are. Even if your site doesn't comply with mobile standards, it will still be listed in search results but it will be transcoded by the search engine and the result could be pretty shocking to see. Transcoders convert sites to a mobile format but this is not done in a sophisticated manner and the output might be really unbelievable – and everything but mobile-friendly.

7. Don't Forget Meta.txt:

Meta.txt is a special file, where you briefly describe the contents of your site and point the user agent to the most appropriate version for it. Search engine spiders directly index the meta.txt file (provided it is located in the root directory), so even if the rest of your site is not accessible, you will still be included in search results. Meta.txt is similar to robots.txt in desktop search but it also has some similarity with metatags because you can put content it it (as you do with the Description and Keywords metatags). The format of the meta.txt file is colon delimited (as is the format of robots.txt). Each field in the file has the following syntax form :. One of the advantages of meta.txt is that it is easily parsed by humans and search engines.

8. No Long Pages for Mobile Searchers:

Use shorter texts because mobile users don't have the time to read lengthy pages. We already mentioned that mobile searchers don't like lengthy keyphrases. Well, they like lengthy pages even less! This is why, if you can make a special, shorter mobile version of your site, this would be great. Short pages don't mean that you should skip your keywords, though. Keywords are really vital for mobile search, so don't exclude them but don't keyword stuff, either.

9. Predictive Search Is Popular With Mobile Searchers:

Use phrases, which are common in predictive search. Predictive search is also popular with mobile searchers because it saves typing effort. This is why, if your keywords are among the common predictive search results, this seriously increases your chances to be found. It is true that predictive search keywords change from time to time and you can't always follow them but you should at least give it a try.

10. Preview Your Site on Mobile Devices:

Always check how your site looks on a mobile device. With the plethora of devices and screen sizes it is not possible to check your site on absolutely every single device you can think of, but if you can check it at least on a couple of the most important ones, this is more than nothing. Even if you manage to get visitors from mobile search engines, if your site is shown distorted on a mobile screen, these visitors will run away.

Transcoding is one reason why a site gets distorted, so it is really a good idea to make your site mobile-friendly instead of to rely on search engines to transcode it and make it a design nightmare in the process.
Mobile search is relatively new but it is a safe bet that it will get a huge boost in the near future. If you are uncertain whether your particular site deserves to be optimized for mobile devices or not, use AdWords Keyword Research Tool to track mobile volumes for your particular keywords. If the volumes are high, or if a particular keyword is doing remarkably well in the mobile search segment, invest more time and effort to optimize for it.